If This Is Our Destiny - Danielle Leung

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i look out from the window to watch the sea in front of my apartment

and as i do, i wonder if you do the same at home

life gets a little more promising to know that we’re somehow related

you said there’s an ocean in between us and we are far away

talk about our childhood, how we went to school

could have never know it feels so right just to be out of topic

# i have to end the song right now but i’ve got so many things that i want to say to you

see how i’m always made of all those contradictions

can’t make up my mind because i have an October star sign

is it because of my star sign?

we have the same one so why can’t i be more like you

forget about the superstitions

just a reason why you make me wanna be a better person

tonight, when you look out to the world,

the past could feel like a never ending dream

whenever i listen to songs with drums you’re always hiding somewhere

you become the drummer behind every song of every famous band

too much imagination

don’t give me acoustic no cuz it’s the happiest thing to see you inside my head

i wish we could go back to the days when i sang in front of you

not focusing on the lyrics cuz i don’t wanna miss a single beat you made

still i think

(Repeat #)

the stars are absent in my sky

but i always see the milky way inside your eyes

life is made of a series of goodbye

into the night, before the truth is realized,

i point a finger to the air and draw you a star sign

see you again if this is our destiny

see you again

if this is our destiny, the stars will show a sign



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