The Ruts DC live in Hong Kong

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準備迎接一股由Ruts DC帶來的叛逆旋風登陸香港。Bricks & Mortar Design and The Underground將這充滿雷鬼色彩的英國朋克樂隊第一次帶到香港,並於亞洲其中一個最受喜愛和充滿歷史的表演場地-藝穗會演出。

結他手 Paul Fox, 主音 Malcolm Owen, 貝斯手 John "Segs" Jennings 和鼓手 David Ruffy 於1977年在倫敦組成The Ruts。 他們於1979年推出的第一張單曲"In A Rut"是英國著名DJ John Peel的心頭最愛,現已被認為是朋克中的經典。擁有大熱歌曲包括Babylon's Burning和好評專輯The Crack and Grin and Bear It的他們成為當時得令的另類樂團。The Ruts從歌詞和社會運動中真實地表現出朋克,搖滾和雷鬼的敢言和不妥協的特質,如參與反對種族歧視的Rock Against Racism。

儘管在三十年來經歷了成員變遷、兩位成員離世、改名為Ruts DC、拆夥和光榮回歸,2017年的他們依然喧鬧和健壯。在這渾亂的時代,他們的歌曲和所帶出的訊息仍然顯得重要。
這是絕對不能錯過的Ruts DC。

由香港本土Oi朋克樂團Two Finger Salute擔任暖場嘉賓,這場期待已久的Ruts DC香港首演,會於2018年1月31日在藝穗會舉行。一同參與這舊式又美好的撞擊派對。


Prepare for a fresh whirlwind of rebellion as Ruts DC make landfall on Hong Kong’s shores. In a very special performance presented by Bricks& Mortar Design and The Underground, the British punks will give the city its first taste of their unique reggae-tinged sound when they perform at the historic Fringe Club, one of Asia’s best-loved music venues.

Guitarist Paul Fox, singer Malcolm Owen, bassist John “Segs” Jennings and drummer David Ruffy formed The Ruts in London, England, in 1977. Their first single, In A Rut (released in early 1979) was a favourite of famed British DJ John Peel and the track is now considered a classic punk anthem.

With hit singles included Babylon’s Burning, plus acclaimed albums The Crack and Grin and Bear It, they cemented a reputation as one of the era’s cult acts. True to the fiercely outspoken nature of both punk rock and reggae, The Ruts’ lyrics and social activism reflected an uncompromising support for causes such as Rock Against Racism.

Despite a shifting line-up, the untimely deaths of two members, a name change to Ruts DC, a break-up and triumphant comeback charting the last three decades, the band in 2017 sounds just as boisterous and robust; their songs and standpoints still important, if not increasingly relevant, in these mixed up times.

Ruts DC is a must-see.

Supported by Hong Kong’s very own Oi-punk heroes, Two Finger Salute, Ruts DC will make their long-awaited live debut at The Fringe Club on January 31, 2018. Get yourself down for a good, old fashioned mosh!

Ruts DC live in Hong Kong
Wednesday, 31st January 2018
Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Advance tickets HK$380 (available online at  or cash sales from Fringe Club Box Office)
Walk-in (if still available) HK$450
Doors open 7pm
Bands:  Two Finger Salute & The Ruts DC